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Happy Birthday, Kim So Yeon! The gorgeous and talented actress turns 41 years old (42 years in Korean age). Most of us know her from SBS’ super-hit makjang series ‘The Penthouse’, wherein she played the ambitious prima donna, Cheon Seo Jin, who can go any lengths to achieve her dreams and fulfil her never-ending desires! Kim So Yeon swept all the major awards for her marvellous performance as Cheon Seo Jin, including the prestigious Best Actress Award for Television at Baeksang Arts Awards. Kim So Yeon is so good as Cheo Seo Jin, that she could put Lady Macbeth to shame! On her special day today, we take a look at 5 terrific moments from ‘The Penthouse’ series that proves why Kim So Yeon is in a league of her own.

1. The iconic piano scene

If a scene alone merits an Oscar, it would be this iconic scene! Cheon Seo Jin’s descent into doom and despair began from the time she accidentally killed her father and then returned to her sacred place (her music room) where she beats the piano keys, like a madwoman, expressions of shock, crippling fear and guilt running wild on her face. The torment drives her crazy, and we see a true glimpse of Cheon Seo Jin’s malicious nature.

2. A mother’s plight

Cheon Seo Jin may be a greedy and ambitious woman, but her heart is still that of a mother, who cannot see her daughter’s downfall in front of her own eyes. In another superlative scene, Kim So Yeon showcases the vulnerable side of Cheon Seo Jin who is heartbroken to know that her daughter has to receive medical and psychiatric help for her failing health. Unable to accept the truth, she pretends to get back to work, shaking off any signs of tears from her face. Cheon Seo Jin’s facial expressions are so exaggerated, yet intricate in this scene that you cannot help but feel sorry for her.

3. Lady Macbeth?

Kim So Yeon’s Cheon Seo Jin is such a compelling grey-negative shaded character that she makes Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth look like an angel! In another amazing scene, Cheon Seo Jin pus a terrifyingly terrific performance as a mentally ill person, which can scare the living daylights out of a person.

4. He can’t even kill a bug!

Fans of ‘The Penthouse’ series know which episode we are exactly referencing! Kim So Yeon and Uhm Ki Joon show off their superior in perhaps the funniest scene of the series. When the cops come to arrest Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon), Cheon Seo Jin play-acts the role of a concerned wife, expressing shock upon learning that her saintly husband has murdered his ex-wife! She begs the cops to let her husband go, claiming that he is so kind-hearted and innocent, that he can’t even kill a bug! We hope to see Kim So Yeon in a comedy role soon, she will ace it.

5. The final send off!

One might hate Cheon Seo Jin, but we cannot deny that she was truly the shining star of this messy makjang series! Her final scene, her death scene was both shocking and heartbreaking as she finally realises that she cannot live with the exerting burden of her past sins and that she needs to repent for all the crimes she has committed. The stunning Prima Donna of the Penthouse was accustomed to the biggest luxuries of life, a thriving singing career and a perfect life; that her sad and lonely death was disheartening! On the parapet like terrace of a dilapidated building, this iconic character bid her final goodbye, amidst some tears and sighs. The final send off!

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