3 Exciting and budget-friendly date ideas to woo your boo » sarkariaresult

In the world of love, where chocolates and flowers are deemed first-date essentials, being cash-strapped can feel like a sin. But running low on funds, needn’t necessarily put a damper on your dating life. While wining and dining with your partner may seem like the perfect way to woo them; there are tons of other ways you could get refreshingly creative while planning your dates. Today, we look at budget-friendly ways to win bae’s heart that don’t require you to break the bank!

1. Build a gorgeous blanket fort with BAE

Adulting can be tough and you must let your hair down sometimes and embrace the child within. So have a fun play date with your crush by building a stunning blanket fort in your living room or backyard. You can use lots of fluffy cushions and even some fairy lights to enhance the vibe of your fort. A pillow-fight mid-date is a must.

intimate date in a park

2. Spend a lazy afternoon looking at childhood photographs 

Dating someone entails gaining a deeper insight into their life. And what better way to do this than to relive their childhood via photographs? Carry your own album of baby pictures and invite your boo to bring theirs. You shall spend a beautiful evening talking about your memorable milestones and discussing funny or embarrassing childhood incidents shall bring you closer.

date night at home

3. A cosy picnic in the park!

Laying down on a picnic blanket amid the green grass of a park with a pond full of ducks nearby can be sheer bliss. Be sure to woo your date with a picnic basket packed full of their favorite snacks. Play some soft music on your phone or carry along a guitar to serenade your crush and make the date extra special.

an intimate date

So the next time you get to plan a fun hangout with your crush, use this guide to make it a stress-free and budget-friendly date that leaves you with memories of a lifetime!