ILBS Recruitment 2021 Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Latest Jobs

ILBS Recruitment 2021 Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Career Opportunities ILBS Latest Jobs and Current Openings 2021 ILBS Various Job Posting of Professor Consultant Junior Resident Manager Executive Apply Online Now Check Details for Faculty and Non Faculty Jobs 2021

ILBS Recruitment 2021

ILBS Recruitment 2021 Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Latest Jobs
ILBS Recruitment 2021 Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Latest Jobs

Latest Updated on 26 Feb 2021: Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences has announced the various vacancies process. So interested candidates can apply from the link given below. For latest news and information stay with us.

About ILBS:

The Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) is a mono-super specialty hospital for liver and biliary diseases located at New Delhi, India. It has been established by the Government of the Nation Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi as an autonomous Institute, under the Societies Registration Act – 1860, at New Delhi with Shiv Kumar Sarin as its founding director. ILBS is a teaching hospital and has been given the status of Deemed University by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India.

Latest ILBS Career Opportunities:

S.No.Name of the PostPost CodeNo. of Posts/ CategoryRemuneration (pre-revised) 7th CPC applicableAge Limit
1Professor (Anaesthesia)Fac/03/Anaes1-URPB-IV, GP-1200066
2Professor (Radiology)Fac/03/Radio1-URPB-IV, GP-1200066
3Professor (Surgical Hepatology)Fac/03/Surg. Hep.1-URPB-IV, GP-1200066
4Additional Professor (Anaesthesia)Fac/04/Anaes1-URPB-IV, GP-1000055
5Additional Professor (Critical or Intensive care Medicine)Fac/04/CR1-URPB-IV, GP-1000055
6Associate Professor (Radiology)Fac/05/Radio1-URPB-IV, GP-950055
7Associate Professor (Hepatology)Fac/05/Hep4-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-950055
8Associate Professor (Anaesthesia)Fac/05/Anaes3-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-950055
9Associate Professor (Liver Transplant Surgery)Fac/05/LTX1-URPB-IV, GP-950055
10Associate Professor (Pediatric Hepatology)Fac/05/Ped. Hep.1-URPB-IV, GP-950055
11Associate Professor (Molecular & Cellular Medicine)Fac/05/MCM1-URPB-IV, GP-950055
12Assistant Professor (Radiology)Fac/06/Radio1-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-870050
13Assistant Professor (Anaesthesia)Fac/06/Anaes1-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-870050
14Assistant Professor (Clinical Genetics)Fac/06/Cl. Gen.1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
15Assistant Professor (Hepatology)Fac/06/Hep3-UR,1-OBC, 1-SCPB-IV, GP-870050
16Assistant Professor (Transplant Hepatology)Fac/06/Trans. Hep2-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-870050
17Assistant Professor (Renal Transplant)Fac/06/RT1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
18Assistant Professor (Cardiology)Fac/06/Cardio1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
19Assistant Professor (Clinical Nutrition) MedicalFac/06/Cl. Nutrition (M)1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
20Assistant Professor (Molecular & Cellular Medicine)Fac/06/MCM1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
21Consultant (Hepatology) Grade IVCons/06/Hep.3-UR, 1-OBCPB-IV, GP-870050
22Consultant (Nephrology) Grade IVCons/06/Nephro1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
23Consultant (Cardiology) Grade IVCons/06/Cardio1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
24Consultant (Neurology) Grade IVCons/06/Neuro1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
25Consultant (Radiology) Grade IVCons/06/Radio1-URPB-IV, GP-870050
26Sr. Resident (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) -04SR/081-UR, 1-OBC, 1-EWS, 1-SCPB-III, GP-660045
27Sr. Resident (Radiology) -02SR/081-UR, 1-STPB-III, GP-660045
28Sr. Resident (Medical Oncology)-02SR/081-UR, 1-OBCPB-III, GP-660045
29Sr. Resident (Cardiology) -01SR/081-OBCPB-III, GP-660045
30Sr. Resident (Neurology) -01SR/081-SCPB-III, GP-660045
31Resident Medical OfficerRMO/014-UR, 3-OBC, 1-SC, 1-EWSPB-III, GP-540045
32Junior ResidentJR/094-UR, 2-OBC, 1-SC, 1-STPB-II, GP-540040
33Instructor (Research) – Bio InformaticsFac/11/Res1-URPB-III, GP-660045
34Head Operations (Medical)NM/01/Med1-URPB-IV, GP-1000065
35Deputy Head Operations (Medical)NM/02/Med1-URPB-IV, GP-890055
36Manager (Nursing)Nurs/021-URPB-III, GP-660050
37Manager (Purchase)NM/02/Pur1-URPB-III, GP-760055
38Deputy Manager (Purchase)NM/03/Pur1-URPB-III, GP-660055
39Sr. Executive (Hospitality)NM/04/Hospitality1-URPB-II, GP-460045
40Sr. Executive (Admin)NM/03/Admin1-URPB-II, GP-460045
41Executive (Purchase)NM/06/Pur1-OBCPB-II, GP-420035
42Executive (Security & Fire)NM/04/S&F1-URPB-II, GP-420045
43Executive (Hospitality)NM/06/Hos1-URPB-II, GP-420035
44Junior NutritionistNurse/04/Jr. Nut.1-UR, 1-OBCPB-II, GP-420030
45Executive NurseNurse/09/Exec4-EWS, 63* – OBC, 5* – SC (Incl. backlog)PB-I, GP-240030
46Junior Executive (Finance & Accounts)NM/06/F & A1-OBCPB-I, GP-240035
47Junior Executive (Hospitality)NM/06/Hospitality2-UR, 1-OBCPB-I, GP-240035
48Jr. Executive NurseNurse/10/Jr. Exec. Nurse34-UR, 11-EWS, 28-OBC, 14-SC, 28-ST incl. backlogRs. 28,404/-consolidated30
49Assistant Professor (Surgical Hepatology) – PHFac/06/Surg. Hep1-OHPB-IV, GP-870050
50Senior Resident (Radiology) – PHSR/081-OHPB-III, GP-660045
51Senior Resident (Hepatology) – PHSR/081-OHPB-III, GP-660045
52Senior Resident (Nephrology) – PHSR/081-OHPB-III, GP-660045
53Junior Resident– PHJR/092-OHPB-II, GP-540040
54Resident Medical Officer– PHRMO/011-OHPB-III, GP-540045
55Assistant Manager Nurse– PHNurs/061-OHPB-III, GP-540045
56Nurse– PHNurs/081-OHPB-II, GP- 460035
57Junior Nurse – PHNurs/082-OHPB-II, GP- 420033
58Executive Nurse– PHNurse/09/Exec Nurse2-OHPB-I, GP- 240030
59Junior Executive Nurse– PHNurse/10/Exec Nurse3-OHRs. 28,404/- consolidated30


S.No.Name of the PostPost CodeNo. of Posts/ CategoryRemuneration (pre-revised) 7th CPC applicableAge Limit
60Senior Professor (Pediatric Hepatology)Fac/01/Ped. Hep1-URHAG+Scale66
61Senior Professor (Anaesthesia)Fac/01/Anaes1-URHAG+Scale66
62Professor (Nephrology)Fac/03/Nephro1-URPB – IV, GP – 1200066
63Professor (Critical or Intensive care Medicine)Fac/03/CR1-URPB – IV, GP – 1200055
64Associate Professor (Surgical Hepatology)Fac/05/Surg. Hep1-URPB – IV, GP – 950055
65Associate Professor (Clinical Research/Epidemiology)Fac/05/Epidem1-URPB – IV, GP – 950055
66Assistant Professor (Nephrology)Fac/06/Nephro1-URPB – IV, GP – 870050
67Assistant Professor (Statistics)Fac/06/Stat1-URPB – IV, GP – 870040
68Assistant Professor (Pulmonary Medicine)Fac/06/Pul. Med1-URPB – IV, GP – 870050
69Consultant (Cardiology) Grade IIICons/06/Cardio1-URPB – IV, GP – 950055
70Senior Resident (Biochemistry)SR/081-URPB – III, GP – 660045
71Senior Resident (Anaesthesia)SR/081-URPB – III, GP – 660045
72Senior Resident (Radiation Oncology)SR/081-URPB – III, GP – 660045
73Manager (IT)NM/03/IT1-URPB – III, GP – 760055
74Deputy Manager (Hospitality)NM/03/Hosp.1-URPB – III, GP – 660045
75Chief Technical Executive (Dialysis)PM/01/Dia1-URPB – III, GP – 660050
76Technical Executive (Nuclear Medicine) or RSO IIPM/04/Nuc. Med1-URPB – II, GP – 420050
77Assistant ProgrammerNM/07/Prog2-URPB – II, GP – 460045
78Junior NurseNurs/0815-UR, 54* – OBC, 25*-SC, 3*-ST *incl. backlogPB – II, GP – 420033
79Transplant CoordinatorNM/08/Trans. Coord.2-UR, 1-OBCPB – II, GP – 540050

Recruitment Rules:

Click Here for Recruitment Rules

General Instructions:

Click Here for General Instructions

Application Form:

Walk-in-Interview for ILBS Recruitment 2021:

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) is an autonomous super-specialty Institute of excellence under GNCT of Delhi and a Deemed-to-be-University by the UGC. Its vision is to be a global leader by becoming a beacon of patient care, teaching and research in the field of Liver, Gall Bladder and pancreatobiliary diseases.

Sl.No.Name of PostPost CodeNo. of Posts/ categoryMonthly Remuneration (Rs)Age Limit
1Sr. Resident (Critical or Intensive care medicine)SR/08/CR1-UR, 1-OBC, 1-EWS & 1-SCPB – III, GP – 660045
2Sr. Resident (Medical Oncology)SR/08/Onco1-UR & 1-OBCPB – III, GP – 660045
3Sr. Resident (Cardiology)SR/08/Cardio1-URPB – III, GP – 660045
4Sr. Resident (Neurology)SR/08/Neuro1-URPB – III, GP – 660045
5Sr. Resident (Biochemistry)SR/08/Biochem1-URPB – III, GP – 660045
6Sr. Resident (Radiology)SR/08/Radio1-URPB – III, GP – 660045
7Technical Executive (Nuclear Medicine) or RSO IIPM/03/Nuc. Med.1-URPB-II,GP-420050

General Instructions:

  • The pay packages for each post are based as per 7th CPC at pay level applicable for the Institute
  • The appointment for the posts of Technical Executive (Nuclear Medicine) or RSO II shall be on “Contract Basis” for a period of one year. Either side can terminate the contract by giving to the other party not less than three months notice in writing or salary in lieu of notice period.
  • The appointment for the posts of Sr. Residents shall be on “Contract Basis” for a period of one year, extendable based on performance or three years. Either side can terminate the contract by giving to the other party not less than three months notice in writing or salary in lieu of notice period.
  • Institute invites applications for the above mentioned posts latest by 15th February, 2021 through email [email protected] at the Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, D – 1, Vasant Kunj, Delhi – 110070.The candidates should send photocopies of degree/certificate/diploma/testimonials/publications along with their application/resume through email.
  • The above vacancies are subject to change at any given point of time. The vacancy may be removed from the website once a particular post is filled up. In case of any post falling vacant the same can also be added at the discretion of ILBS. The candidates are advised to see the website and the number of vacancies prior to coming for walk in interview in the Institute.
  • Upper age limit is relaxable by 5 years for SC/ST candidates and by 3 years for OBC candidates. For the post reserved for OBC category, the application of those candidates will be considered who have OBC certificate issued by GNCT of Delhi. In respect of persons with disabilities upper age limit is relaxable by 5 years (10 years for SC/ST and 8 years for OBC).
  • The candidates with the disabilities as mentioned against each post can apply for the post as per the definition given in the Persons with Disabilities (equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) Act, 1995.
  • Persons suffering from not less than 40% of the relevant disability shall alone be eligible for the benefit of reservation as PH. Application form may be downloaded from the ILBS website ( Separate application has to be applied for each post. The application fees is Rs. 590/- (Rs. 500/- +18% GST) and Rs. 118/- in case of SC/ ST,EWS and Ex-Serviceman candidates (non refundable). The details of online payment is mentioned in the application form i.e. electronic transfer to Account No. 50100143852078, RTGS/NEFT IFSC – HDFC0000273, Bank Name – HDFC bank, Branch name – Site No. 2, OCF Pocket, Sector – C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070. Application fees once deposited/submitted cannot be refunded. No application fee for persons with disabilities. For Recruitment Rules and other details visit our website
  • The candidate should also submit a copy of recent passport size photo, the entry relating to his/her date of birth from the matriculation certificate or SSLC, copies of his/ her degree certificate or diploma duly attested.
  • The Institute reserve the right to restrict the number of candidates for interview to a reasonable limit on the basis of qualification and experience higher than the minimum prescribed in the advertisement & other academic achievements.
  • In case of any query the candidate may called the HR department on the telephone no 011-46300000 Ex: 23233 & 23234.

How to Apply for ILBS Recruitment 2021:


UR-Unreserved, SC/ST- Scheduled Caste/Tribe, OBC – Other Backward Class, PH/OH- Physically Handicapped/ Orthopaedically Handicapped, EWS – Economically Weaker Sections. Reservation for SC/ST/OBC, EWS & Persons with disabilities/Ex-Servicemen/ Disabled Ex-Servicemen as per Govt. Guidelines.

Last date is 15th March 2021. For application forms and further details, please visit our website:

The pay packages for each post are based as per 7th CPC at pay level applicable for the Institute except for the post of Jr. Executive Nurse. Transport Allowance, Children Education Allowance and other additional allowances are admissible as per the policy of the Institute.

It is mandatory to apply online and upload all the relevant documents/certificates. A Registration number will be generated on completion of online application. However, in case, the candidates experience any difficulty in uploading/attaching the scanned documents while applying online, may send it as attachment through email to [email protected] mentioning the registration number of the application and the post applied for (mandatory). For any other information, candidates may email us at [email protected]or contact at 011-46300000, Extn – 23233, 23234.

Important Link Area for ILBS Recruitment 2021

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Candidates can drop their comments in the comment box. Any query about this post will be welcomed & Our Expert Panel will Try to solve your Query.


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